Match Report
St George's International School U11 Boys vs  SGIS Cat E 7s Tournament
On: Friday, 06 Oct 2017
Venue: Away

The boys went to Le Rosey for this tournament with a small squad available due to a last minute drop out. With Aiden Collier taking on the role of goalkeeper, the boys rallied together to pull of some outstanding results. After all 7 games St George's finished in 3rd place, winning bronze medals, out of 8 teams taking place. A great result and one that could have seen us in 1st or 2nd on another day!

vs IS Berne 3-3 Drew

vs GES A 1-4 Lost

vs GES B 11-0 Won

vs JFK 9-0 Won

vs Haut Lac 3-1 Won

vs ICIS 3-2 Won

vs Le Rosey 2-10 Lost